Welcome to Spit-Braai King.

Started by Lappies Labuschagne 25+ years ago doing it on weekends and holidays it has now grown to a company that has a good reputation in the food industry and only provides customers with top quality Halaal meat. We ONLY use A2/A3 Lamb that is Halaal certified!

Spit-Braai King does not compromise on quality! It delivers!

…our gas operated Spitbraai machines braai a lamb in 120min!           No Smoke, No Mess! Indoors!

Spit-Braai King uses Lappies Braai Sauce Traditional as basting.

We have a great SPIT-BRAAI MENU so have a look at what we offer!

Spit-Braai King basted with Lappies Braai Sauce